The 21st Asian Test Symposium
November 19-22, 2012,Toki Messe Niigata Convetion Center, Niigata, Japan

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Visa Guide

Please check if you need an entry visa. It depends on your nationality, citizenship, etc. Please ask the nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate ( or please see the web site of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: ATS'12 Organizing Committee will provide the visa letters for this international symposium.

Step 1:
Please fill this form (ATS12_visa_request_form.docx) and send us by e-mail as soon as possible.
This information is necessary to make your documents.
We will prepare the necessary documents based on your information, and send them to you.

Step 2:
Please submit the documents to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate (
Then, you will receive the visa.

1. Visa letters will be issued only to:
- Speakers / Presenters,
- Committee Members,
- Attendees who have paid their registration fee in full.
(visa application should be submitted after his/her registration and payment process have been completed)

2. If you will be accompanied, please give us the necessary information about them. In general, you can apply for visas together, but in some cases you must apply separately. Please ask the nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate.

3. Mailing visa documents (Step 1) often takes two or three weeks, and it can take more than one month for your visa application to be processed (Step 2). So, please send the form as soon as possible.

For inquiries, please contact Registration Chair (email: ).