The 25th Asian Test Symposium

November 21-24, 2016, International Conference Center Hiroshima, Japan


Aerial picture of International Conference Center Hiroshima ATS 2016 will be held at the International Conference Center Hiroshima (ICCH). The conference center is conveniently located in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park  in walking distance from downtown Hiroshima. You have many choices of hotels to stay during the symposium. November in Japan is high season for travelling, so we recommend to book a hotel as soon as possible.

Venue address and contact:

International Conference Center Hiroshima 
1-5, Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan
Phone: +81-82-242-7777
FAX: +81-82-242-8010

Note, that the venue of WRTLT 2016  is different. Please refer to the WRTLT website for more information.

Visa Information and Assistance

Please check if you need an entry visa for Japan. It depends on your nationality, citizenship, etc. Please ask the nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate  or take a look the web site of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan .

If you need an entry visa for Japan, please follow these two steps:

  • Step 1

    Please fill in this form  and send it to us by e-mail as soon as possible. This information is necessary to prepare your documents. We will prepare the necessary documents based on your information, and then send them to you by mail. The ATS'16 Organizing Committee will provide the visa letters for this international symposium only to:

    • Speakers / Presenters,
    • Committee Members,
    • Attendees who have paid their registration fee in full.

    Visa application should be submitted after registration and payment process have been completed. As the opening of registration has been delayed, please submit your visa application immediately regardless of the completion of payment. Please contact program vice chair Hideyuki Ichihara for further assistance. If you will be accompanied, please give us the necessary information about them. In general, you can apply for visas together, but in some cases you must apply separately. Please ask the nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate.

  • Step 2

    Please submit the documents to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate . They will process your documents and decide on your visa application.

Mailing visa documents (Step 1) often takes two or three weeks, and it can take more than one month for your visa application to be processed (Step 2). So, please send the form as soon as possible.

For inquiries, please contact


Hiroshima Airport  has international flights from various destinations in China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, and South-Korea as well as domestic service from the international airports Tokyo-Haneda  and Tokyo-Narita . It is located right outside the city and it takes about 1 hour by bus to reach the venue. The other options for international travellers include Osaka International Airport  (ITM) and Kansai International Airport  (KIX). It takes about 2 hours by bullet-train to reach Hiroshima station.

Hiroshima-city is connected to the Japanese bullet-train (Shinkansen) network. The train schedules and fares are available in English, Chinese and Japanese on .

To reach the venue from a nearby train station or airport, please check the access information from ICCH  and the public transportation in Hiroshima-city . More general information about getting around in Hiroshima can be found at the Hiroshima Navigator .


As the venue is centrally located in Hiroshima-city, there are many accomodations to choose from. Please be aware, however, that November is a high season for travelling in Japan. We recommend you to find and book a suitable hotel as soon as possible. Hiroshima Navigator provides a map with accomodations  to choose from. We have put together list of hotel options you might be interested in:

For those who are travelling on a budget, you may be interested in the following youth hostels:

Participants, who are also attending WRTLT 2016  after ATS, please note that the location of WRTLT is quite far away from the ATS venue and you'll need different accomodation. Please check the WRTLT Website  for more information.


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