• 2018.6.5: Mr. Harshad Dhotre, a P.h. D. student from University of Bremen, started his research visit (6/5/2018-8/16/2018) to the Wen Lab. His research field is low-power testing of VLSI circuits.
  • 2018.5.31: Prof. S. Holst presented the first-ever paper on the impact of defects in a hardened latch, titled "The Impact of Production Defects on the Soft-Error Tolerance of Hardened Latches", at the 23rd IEEE European Test Symposium.
  • 2018.5.18: Prof. Wen will give a talk at a Science Cafe event at Kyushu Institute of Technology. Everyone is welcome to attend.
  • 2018.4.18: A welcome party for the new students of the Kajihara-Wen-Miyase research group was held in Iizuka.
  • 2018.3.29: Prof. Wen visited Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and gave an intived talk titled "Power-Aware LSI Testing: Challenges and Strategies".
  • 2018.3.6: The 10th LSI Test Seminar was held in Fukuoka. Researchers and students from five universities attended this annual event.
  • 2018.3.5: The 2018 Test Spring Seminar, organzied by DISC of Kyushu Institute of Technology, was held in Fukuoka. Two LSI test experts, Mr. Masao Aso from Syswave Corp. and Dr. Masahiro Ishida from Advantest Corp., talked about LSI test basics, advanced practices, and how to become a good LSI test engineer.
  • 2018.2.28: A farewell party was held for graduating students from the LSI Test Research Group at Kyushu Institute of Technology.
  • 2018.2.15: A special seminar was held at Kyutech Plaza in Fukuoka. Prof. Bernd Becker of University of Freiburg (Germany) gave an invited talk titled "Towards Automatic Construction of Algebraic Fault Attacks" at Kyutech Plaza in Fukuoka. Dr. Miyake from the LSI Test Group at Kyushu Institute of Technology also talked about his research work on digita tempurature sensors.
  • 2018.1.22: The 5th International Symposium on Dependable Integarted Systems, organzied by DISC of Kyushu Institute of Technology, was held on the Iizuka Campus of Kyushu Institute of Technology. In the morning, Prof. Adit Singh of Auburn University, USA, gave a keynot talk titled "Has Fault Model Based Structural Test Hit a Brick Wall? Are In-System Tests Unavoidable?" and Prof. Nguyen Duc Minh of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam, gave an invited talk titled "Interval Property Checking for Hardware Design Using Satisfiability Modulo Theories Solver". In the afternoon, eight research presentations were made from DISC.
  • 2018.1.1: Wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018!